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Jan 27 2011


Once you are accepted into Teach for America, you still have to get a job with a school system in your placement region.  To facilitate that, Teach for America set up an interview fair with one of Atlanta’s school systems earlier this year.

I continue to be extremely impressed with Teach for America’s organization and thoroughness.  The interview fair was run very efficiently and effectively.  The fair was held at the (large) office of the county school system.  I would estimate that about twenty schools participated in the interview fair, and about six of them were middle schools and high schools.

Corps members submitted resumes in advance of the event, and some interviews were pre-scheduled.  When each corps member arrived and registered, he or she received a schedule of interviews that had been pre-arranged.  Prior to the start of the pre-scheduled interviews, corps members and principals were allowed to chat at an informal meet and greet.  During the meet and greet time, corps members and principals were allowed to schedule additional interviews.

After the meet and greet, interviews started.  Each interview was about fifteen minutes, and all interviews were held in large event room at separate tables and stations.  Facilitators kept the interviews moving in a timely fashion.  I am seeking certification in middle and high school social/political sciences, and I was fortunate to have two pre-arranged interviews with middle and high schools and scheduled three more during the meet and greet.

I cannot emphasize how impressed I was with each principal with whom I spoke that day.  The principals were so very enthusiastic and had such clear vision for their schools, teachers, and students.  I left the interview fair that day incredibly inspired by the work being done by that school system.  And I felt I knew exactly what each school hoped to accomplish in the coming years.  I have no doubt that the schools with whom I spoke are incredibly dynamic places that are truly changing lives every single day.

And the kicker–I awoke this morning to find an e-mail indicating that I received a teaching position with my top choice school.  I look forward to being a part of the team and helping accomplish my school’s vision!  I am absolutely thrilled.

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  1. Miss Lopez


  2. justcallmemaestra

    Amazing! Congrats :)

  3. lisacaro1

    Congratulations! I will be participating in an interview event this Spring. A question for you: after you interviewed, were you able to express to express to TFA which school you most highly preferred?

    • tross01

      Thanks! There was no formal method of expressing a preference, but I do think you could casually and informally relay that information.

  4. Brady

    Congratulations! That is so exciting.

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