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Jul 24 2011

Round Zero

It is hard to believe that Round Zero has already come and gone.

Round Zero was a four-day intensive training hosted by our Atlanta Teach for America staff, designed to prepare us for our next year of teaching.  Much of the training was focused specifically on the first eight weeks of school, which are rapidly approaching.

Round Zero was very helpful for me.  It was good to be back to a smaller group of people–only the Atlanta corps members participated.  Also, for much of the training, we were separated into much smaller groups based upon the subject we were teaching, so we were able to discuss matters on a content-specific basis.

Dialogue with two groups during Round Zero was really the most helpful for me.  First, I met my MTLD, or my Manager of Teacher Leadership Development, who will be my observer and monitor throughout my first year teaching.  She was extremely helpful, and I think I will learn a great deal from her in the coming year.  Already, she challenges me and pushes me to work beyond my comfort zone, which I think is critical to my growth and development (. . . even if I grumble about it).  I also became reacquainted with a number of my colleagues, both at my school placement and others around Atlanta.  Discussing ideas with them was very eye-opening and encouraging.  Having such a large support network is comforting and motivating.  There are at least six other corps members working at my placement school, and three of them are also teaching in my subject area (although at different grade levels).  I have the pleasure and good fortune of working with some incredible people.  They not only have skills in the classroom, but are people I have really enjoyed getting to know outside of the classroom, as well.  I know I will learn a great deal from all of them.

Two weeks until my students arrive!  I have been told I will teach five middle school social studies classes of approximately thirty students.  Monday, I meet with my district for orientation, and Thursday, I report to my school for orientation, which will run throughout the following week.  I am very eager to learn what guidelines and materials they may have in place.  We  have been receiving information over the last few weeks that indicates my school is excited about the coming year and the potential for student achievement.  I am so excited to become a part of that vision.

In the meantime, I’ll be shopping for school supplies.  See you at Staples, Target or The School Box.  The countdown to August 8 begins!

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